On this page, I will upload code, handouts and texts which I think could be of interest to others.


Nucleation and growth of crystal in a water-ethanol mixture

Markus Solberg Wahl (PhD candidate) is developing optical sensor technology to detect phase-transitions. He already has some very interesting results, and is making progress on the topic. The video below is from the experimental set-up and shows the formation of a water crystal forming in an ethanol-water mixture (similar mixture to wine). After the crystal forms by heterogeneous nucleation at the bottom of the container, it rises due to buoyancy, attaches to the sensor and continues to grow. The video is real-time, so the growth process is quite fast. We also find that the growth rate depends strongly on the specifics of the mixture.


Transport of heat and mass across the vapor-liquid interface of water

The interface transfer coefficients to describe transfer of heat and mass across the vapor-liquid interface of water in the range 260-560 K have been tabulated in the following Excel-file. We have also made a short explanation on how the coefficients can ban be used. If the material is taken advantage of, we appreciate that the following reference is referred to. We hope that the coefficients as well as the methodology presented can help improving the description of water condensation and evaporation in many cases. In particular, we hope in the future to contribute to improve weather forecast and climate models. The picture below shows the predicted water-temperature obtained from simulations with the NCAR’s Community Earth System Climate Model. We expect these predictions to have less uncertainty with a more accurate description of water-evaporation from seas and oceans, as well as a more sophisticated model for droplet precipitation in the atmosphere.