Øivind Wilhelmsen

Professor at the Department of Chemistry at NTNU,

PI of PoreLab Center of Excellence,

Senior Research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research

Email: oivind.wilhelmsensintef.no
Phone: +47 97 15 22 39
Øivind Wilhelmsen

Welcome to my research group. I hold a PhD and M. Tech. in physical chemistry from NTNU and have been a visiting researcher at ETH in Switzerland, UB in Spain and ICL in London. Since 2021, I have been working as a full Professor at the Department of Chemistry at NTNU, where I am responsible for the Thermodynamics group. I am also one of the PIs in the Norwegian Center of Excellence for research on porous media, Porelab, and work part time as a senior research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research

My research interests are equilibrium and nonequilibrium thermodynamics in combination with mathematical modelling of processes in nature and industry such as nucleation processes, flow through porous media, heat exchangers, chemical reactors and thermoelectric generators. My research portfolio spans from fundamental research on microscopic temperature-expressions and classical density functional theory to applied research on energy-efficient design of industrial processes and equipment. Much of the work targets systems where interfaces are important. Our research hypothesis is that:

"Enhanced knowledge of interfaces enables design of more energy-efficient processes."